MINI was an official sponsor for the 2nd FID in Costa Rica (International Design Festival) held in march in San José. The sponsored talk was by Bala Studio, a design studio based in Mexico, very well known for its erotic chairs. When we were asked to design posters for the festival and promotion on social media, we thought about linking visually the sexual theme, the design scene, and the MINI experience. So the idea was to make a poster that would represent a sexual relation using two scale MINIs, and involve the concept of an orgasm through an explosion of color using hand-made paper shapes in the photograph, that would emphasize the attention to details that the design process needs. The text in the upper side is the definition of an orgasm: "Moment of maximum excitement in which one experiences intense pleasure, followed by relaxation". Then it says: "Drive a MINI". This way, the message would be clearer and easier to relate both with the brand and with the sponsored talk. In the end, the client decided the poster was too explicit and did not publish it. Still, we were quite pleased with the process and the result of these posters.

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